Are you looking to hire top-tier talent with the right skill set within Enugu State?

Pay for any of our products and receive a shortlist of candidates for your vacancy. You can also participate in Career Fairs and up skill your future employees at an agreed upon cost.

Job listing
₦ 10,000
Quick Recruit
₦ 50,000

Advertise your vacancy on our website and your ads will be seen by an audience of outstanding candidates. Enugu-Jobs will receive and review applications on your behalf, and send you a shortlist of the best available candidates based on your requirements.

The Enugu SME Center will also cover training expenses for your preferred candidate(s), in order to prepare them for the job at hand, prior to their resumption date. This amount is to be repaid within six months from their employee cost.

Other Initiatives for You

Soft Skills Training

Gain exclusive access to offerings on our globally-accepted soft skills curriculum for your staff/organization.

Finance A Venture

Fund skilled tradesmen and apprentices to start up their entrepreneurial ventures through financial support and sponsorships.

Interested in these, see the Contact Us section for contact details.